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How to Extract text from the image ?

  1. Upload or drop a Image on above OCR Tool.
  2. After successful uploading of image, you will see preview of uploaded image.
  3. Now select Image text-language from the drop down box and click on Convert button.
  4. The OCR will extract text from your image and display on screen.
  5. You should review, and validate extracted text for accuracy.
  6. Now you can copy, download, share, print the extracted text using text editor.

Image extensions supported by Expert OCR ?

Expert OCR can extract text from following image formats:

  1. JPEG (or JPG) - Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg or .jpeg)
  2. PNG - Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  3. GIF - Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
  4. TIFF - Tagged Image File (.tif or .tiff)
  5. JFIF -  JPEG File Interchange Format (.jfif)
  6. BMP - Bitmap Image File (.bmp)
  7. PNM - Portable Any Map (.pnm)
  8. WEBP - WebP (.webp)

To check the extension of any image file, right click on the image file and select properties and see "Type of File" you will see the file name with extension. If your image file is not supported in above OCR than you should convert the image file into supported extension and then convert into text.

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology that converts images into editable and searchable data. OCR software analyzes the shapes and patterns of text in an image or scanned document and converts it into machine-readable text. OCR systems can handle various fonts, languages, and document layouts. The main purpose of OCR is to recognize and extract text from the images, making it possible to edit, search, and analyze the content. It plays a crucial role in streamlining document management processes and making information more accessible and usable in the digital domain.

What is Image To Text Converter ?

An image-to-text converter is a system that extracts text from images or scanned documents into machine-readable text. The process involves analyzing the shapes and patterns of characters in the image and converting them into a text format that can be edited, searched, or otherwise processed.

Why it's important to review and validate extracted text ?

While OCR technology has advanced significantly and can achieve high accuracy levels, it is challenging to guarantee 100% accuracy in all situations. The accuracy of OCR depends on various factors, including the quality of the input image, the clarity of the text, the font used, the language etc. Expert OCR recommends to review and validate the extracted text before use in real world, especially in critical applications where accuracy is crucial.

How to edit and format extracted text ?

After extracting the text from images you may need editing and formatting of too for creating well-crafted documents that effectively convey information and engage the audience. You can edit and format text using text editor button.

Can I make Images from text also ?

Yes, you can do the opposite function of OCR also in which you typed text and convert into image. You can generate images instantly from the text using expert text-to-image converter tool.